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Our executive team brings passion, experience and a desire to constantly improve.

We have worked together for many years, sharing a passion for sustainable workforce solutions, to make health and social care safer and more affordable for all.

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Alessandro Alagna - Talent for Care

Alessandro Alagna

Mo Cohen - Talent for Care

Mo Cohen
Senior Program Lead

Simon Daly - Talent for Care

Simon Daly
Senior Program Lead

Sali Mustafic - Talent for Care

Sali Mustafic
Senior Program Lead

Michael Seymour - Talent for Care

Michael Seymour

Alfredo Aloisi - Talent for Care

Alfredo Aloisi
Senior Advisor


Arran Daly
Program Leader

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes
Program Leader


Kate O’Loughnan
Program Co-Leader

Talent for Care - James Haggarty
James Haggarty
Customer Services Lead

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