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Our team brings passion, experience and a desire to constantly improve.

We have worked together for many years, sharing a passion for sustainable workforce solutions, to make health and social care safer and more affordable for all.

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Alessandro Alagna - Talent for Care

Alessandro Alagna

More about Alessandro

Alessandro founded Talent for Care, together with a team of cutting-edge coaches and facilitators, with the ambition to transform workforce sustainability in the health and care, through innovation and investment in personal development of front-line staff.

He developed a passion for workforce engagement and retention through leading support organisations in health and care – private and public sectors – and employing large teams of talented and often low-paid frontline workers, whose wellbeing and motivation were always the main priorities – and challenges.

His desire for innovation and sustainability in health and care goes beyond his professional life, having spent over ten years as a keen fundraiser and supporter of the improvement of antenatal and maternity services, on behalf charitable organisations and the numerous NHS organisations.

Mo Cohen - Talent for Care

Mo Cohen
Senior Program Leader

More about Mo

Mo originally trained as a clinical psychologist, achieving a BA in Psychology, an MSc in Clinical Psychology and a second Master degree in Creative Conflict Transformation.

For the last 25 years, Mo has worked with organisations to deliver innovative and professionally-rooted leadership, personal development and coaching programmes. His main area of expertise is Organisational and Personal Transformation, with a particular focus on authentic leadership and narrative approaches to communication and conflict transformation.

Simon Daly - Talent for Care

Simon Daly
Senior Program Leader

More about Simon

Simon began his career in management, before specialising in transformation, leadership and coaching. He completed extensive self-development and self-awareness work, before undergoing ontological training and learning to live a life of possibility.
As part of this process, he acquired the skills of coaching, mediation and facilitation. Over the course of 20 years, Simon has amassed more than 20,000 hours of coaching experience and currently coaches all types of people from Chief Executives, Directors and Senior Managers through to frontline staff and individuals.

Simon lives in Devon and is currently leading a number of workforce health and wellbeing programs, in large NHS Trusts and public and private health and care organisations.

Sali Mustafic - Talent for Care

Sali Mustafic
Senior Program Leader

More about Sali

Sali’s first career was in education. While teaching she also trained, and specialised, in advanced developmental groupwork and gained postgraduate diplomas in mathematics, management, and special needs, becoming a nationally recognised Advanced Skills Teacher in 1999. Her work included outreach, leading and management experience.

After taking early retirement, Sali trained as a coach and facilitator. In addition to her coaching qualification, she holds an NLP Diploma, an NLP Practitioner certificate and two NLP Master Practitioner qualifications. She has also completed a Narrative Coaching program. Most of her training has been in the form of experiential learning, which has had a deep impact on her personal and professional approach.
Sali lives in Devon and is currently leading several support, development and engagement programs for health and care teams across the country.


Arran Daly
Program Leader

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes
Program Leader

Talent for Care - Kate O'Loughnan

Kate O’Loughnan
Program Leader

More about Kate

Kate began her career working as a Senior Occupational Therapist in the NHS in the areas of mental health, health promotion and chronic fatigue. She has worked with leadership and frontline education staff to promote transformational culture change in relation to how mental health is understood, languaged and supported from the strategy and policy level through to everyday interactions.

Through these roles she delivered restorative supervision, consultation and training, using reflective, experiential and narrative approaches.

Kate completed further studies as she wanted to specialise in understanding how to support individuals, communities and institutions to flourish by playing to their existing strengths and the latest empirical research. She completed her MA in Applied Psychology specialising in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology with a particular focus on mindful awareness and self-compassion.

She is also a qualified yoga teacher and has a passion for understanding how our embodied experience can offer us fresh insights into ourselves and the situations we encounter.
She is currently co-leading on support, development and engagement programs for health and social care staff across the UK.

Talent for Care - Lesley Reed

Lesley Reed
Program Leader

More about Lesley

Lesley is a Coach, Wellbeing Ambassador, Mentor, Appraiser & Trainer with 28 years’ NHS nursing experience – 15 of these within clinical leadership.

She holds a BSc (Hons) in Acute Healthcare, Masters modules in Service Improvement & WBL (Leadership), Certificate in Counselling, Postgraduate Hypnosis Certificate, and RGN. She has degree modules in Facilitating Learning in Clinical Practice & Introduction to CBT and is due to complete a Personal Performance Diploma with The Coaching Academy (London).

Talent for Care - Antonio Quadrucci

Antonio Quadrucci
Business Development Manager

More about Antonio

Antonio is a business development leader with over 30 years’ commercial experience in the medical sector, for market leading companies within Europe, U.S. and China. 

Antonio has extensive experience of managing large teams, and multimillion budgets, launching novel devices and therapies in several countries. His career is a unique combination of corporate, academic and small and medium enterprises. His ability to drive change, and motivate teams to deliver exceptional performance, ensures that his work is effective at all levels.

Antonio is a nature-lover. As well as spending some quality time with friends and family, he enjoys hiking or visiting parks and nature reserves with his wife. He also enjoys travelling, visiting art exhibitions and keeping himself up to date with news and science, whilst practising new cooking recipes.

Talent for Care - Adele White
Adele White
Development and Growth
More about Adele

I am a development and growth champion; creating a sustainable value-add service offering that changes the lives of the people who matter in the organisation is my passion. I have a consultancy background and  for the past  four years feel privileged to have worked in the healthcare sector alongside the most committed and talented people there are. 

I align my skills to network, influence and support good governance and the wellbeing of staff.  Building connections with those who can make decisions about our healthcare professionals; I seek to accelerate a step change in recovery, growth and personal empowerment.


Talent for Care - Fergus Kelleher

Fergus Kelleher
Social Media and Digital Marketing

More about Fergus

Fergus originally studied Creative Media at school and college. Since then, he has acquired invaluable experience in various sectors spanning the automotive industry, video production and beyond.

In his current role, Fergus is involved in our online presence in healthcare support via social media posts and video content.
In his free time, Fergus enjoys reading about history and is passionate about the arts. This includes music production, creative writing and visual storytelling.