Beyond the old story of a health and social care divide

May 4, 2022

What could be possible…

A more integrated approach

Talent for Care supports a recommendation from the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC). The report advocates a more integrated approach to health and care recruitment.

Participants on our programs frequently express their willingness to commit to this transformation. Recovery Champions, Peer Suport Workers, team leaders and managers share their aspirations with us. They speak of collaboration, joint initiatives, and mutual support systems with enthusiasm. They identify the necessary changes and make commitments to personal action.

Aspirational inquiry

We hear them identify the potential of this joined up thinking as they engage in an aspirational inquiry around what’s possible: the creation of single organisation that would allow inclusive use of resources, movement within and across services, and shared expertise, frequently emerge from these inspiring conversations.

As Alessandro, Talent for Care director, says,

“Working every day with health and care teams across the UK, we feel a strong desire, from the frontline, to look at the health and care workforce in a truly joined-up way. What is the advantage of keeping a care worker on one side of the fence and a healthcare support worker on the other, when the roles are very comparable?

Retention and engagement, as well as recruitment, could significantly benefit from the integration of health and social care roles – perhaps starting from currently unregistered roles. We need career opportunities for the future, to attract fresh talent and move beyond the health and social care divide.”


The report, entitled Adult Social Care and Immigration, argues that the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) should develop,

“a coherent workforce plan in consultation with the sector”. Such a plan, it says, is “vital to make social care an attractive, viable and sustainable career.”


We go further and suggest that the ‘consultation with the sector‘ commits to being open to possibility. Right now there is an opportunity for health and care to do more than ‘make social care an attractive, viable and sustainable career’.  This could be a moment of transformation. We invite you to imagine what could be possible. Then come and talk to us. We specialise in listening to possibility.