Care Worker Wellbeing: Recovery and Beyond

Jul 7, 2021

The new care worker wellbeing survey, produced in partnership with Care England has been released highlighting, amongst many other things, the extreme level of staff burnout indicators in both the care and health sector workforce.

Over half of respondents reported being keen to learn lessons from the pandemic and move from reactive to proactive wellbeing and mental health support. The survey explores efficacy across a range of initiatives aimed at improving recovery, mental health and wellbeing of staff.

The findings indicate very strongly that relationship and communication, creating an environment in which staff challenges and concerns are truly heard, is making the greatest difference to wellbeing and therefore to retention and workforce sustainability.

The report ends on on positive note in terms of the legacy of the pandemic:
It seems clear that a new approach to support, wellbeing, and future planning is emerging; one which is proactive and prioritises support, wellbeing awareness and personal development for all staff.

front cover of the report


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