Expand Your Possibilities

Aug 18, 2021

We place communication, relatedness and purpose at the centre of all our work. Outcomes improve across the entire organisation when everyone acknowledges a shared purpose, relationships are meaningful, and communication is effective,

Relationship lies at the heart of the matter whether you are working with an individual, a team or a large organisation.

If conflict is the issue it’s easy to see the role of relationship: where it has broken down; who to involve and what interventions to introduce.

But when staff retention, high levels of stress, or increasing sick leave are the problem it can be easy to turn to targets, policy and procedures and  in the search for a response.

We know some organisations are developing the ‘soft skills’ such as listening, compassion and person-centred approaches because we meet members of their workforce on our programs. And it shows. They are people who

  • put personal judgement aside and listen
  • are open-minded
  • have a worldview that allows for possibility
  • can live with uncertainty
  • take personal responsibility for their own thoughts and responses
  • are willing to experiment, reflect and modify their responses accordingly
  • achieve unexpected, surprising results

When you would like more of the above for your own situation, your team, or your organisation the first step is an informal conversation with us. Please don’t hesitate to contact Alessandro (details below). You can explore how a program can be designed to address your specific circumstances. Together we can help you and your team move on to something greater.

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