Workforce sustainability, through innovation

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We created Talent for Care to bring sustainability to our health and care sectors, through innovative workforce solutions. 
Now, more than ever, there is a need for innovative, effective, and lasting change in the way we support frontline staff.
We are bringing inspired support and wellbeing development to organisations and their people to aid recovery and prepare for the uncertainties of the future.

We created Talent for Care to bring sustainability to our care sector, through innovative workforce solutions

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In our view, care worker wellbeing has always been the number one priority for workforce sustainability. Our approach develops an approach to support and wellbeing that is built on communication and relationships for individuals, teams, and organisations.

Our most recent retention survey, in partnership with Care England and the UKHCA, highlights investing in personal development of care staff, improving leadership and pursuing innovation as essential factors to transform care worker retention.

Throughout the pandemic we have been delivering Recovery Champions, Peer Support Worker, and Charity Worker programs and the outcomes have been remarkable.

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Almost a third of social care staff leave their job each year. This rate has increased year on year, from 23 per cent in 2012/13 to 31 per cent in 2017/18 – equivalent to 1,000 people leaving their job every day.

Closing the Gap

The Health Foundation, The King's Fund, Nuffield Trust, March 2019

There is consensus that staff need much more day to day support: 91% of respondents found effective listening to concerns and challenges, to make staff feel heard is working.


 Workforce Wellbeing: Turning the Tide – What Works?

Care England and Talent for Care, June 2021

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