Walking Alongside

Feb 2, 2022

Sometimes we think we can see what a person needs to think, be or do, and we want to give them a nudge towards it.

Pause before you push

When you feel the urge to encourage someone in a certain direction, albeit ‘for their own good’, whether it’s a friend, a family member, or someone in the workplace, pause before you push!

Knowing what needs to be done

Even if you ‘know’ what needs to be done, resist the temptation to pull others along with you. Wait, let them have their say and listen with an open mind. There is always the possibility, as long as you genuinely listen, that you will hear something you aren’t expecting. And you lose nothing by doing so. In fact you will gain their trust. Someone who feels heard is experiencing self-expression. They feel safer and become more confident in your leadership or friendship.

While you wait a moment, see yourself walking alongside rather than pulling from the front or pushing from behind.a man and a woman walking and listening to each other
When you pause, the breathing space you create enhances a sense of belonging. It encourages the speaker to go further, to say more and to explore new possibilities. You get to know them better, to know what motivates them and how to encourage them. You get better results.

Personal agency

Of course you might achieve a similar outcome by ‘pushing’ or ‘pulling’ but walking alongside someone achieves results in such a way that staff, groups or teams retain that sense of personal agency which is essential to continued passion, motivation and commitment .It works with friends and family members too.

A drop in the ocean

Amid the many conversations around workforce health and wellbeing this may sound like a drop in the ocean but then the entire ocean is made up of drops so…

Give it a go and let us know what difference it makes.

Our Health and Workforce Wellbeing Webinar took place Tuesday 15th February 11.30 – 12.30.
Find the recording here Workforce Wellbeing