Reimagining Workforce Wellbeing

Dec 3, 2021


image of a tree suggestive of a head with ideas taking flight

The only limits to us reaching our potential lie in the extent to which we use our imaginations.

Imagine, for instance, a health and care system in which everyone knew they were valued, felt heard, and knew that if, at any time, they needed support it would be available. When we first begin to imagine this scenario, we limit ourselves with thoughts like, “Well that will never happen”, “that’s just not possible” and “Who would listen to my ideas anyway?”. But with a little encouragement, and a bit of practice, you will find that you do have some ideas about how we could make better provision for the wellbeing of the workforce. Change is not enough. What’s needed is a transformation. What’s needed is for us all to use our imaginations and share our ideas.


We all know that our care workers, nurses, doctors, and everyone who works with them in hospitals, care homes, or the community, are exhausted. Their physical health and emotional wellbeing are at risk. And it’s just as clear that this is likely to prevent them working, relating, and living at their full potential. Thanks in part to COVID-19 and its variants, we are more aware than we ever have been of the detrimental effects of working in such circumstances. The need for ongoing support is not just becoming clear; we are all speaking more openly about mental health and support is emerging as the conversation develops.


We now have the possibility of transforming the way our people working in health and care are supported. Let’s have the conversations needed to reimagine workforce wellbeing from the inside out. Tell us what you see when you imagine a future in which carers, nurses, and all those working in our health and care provision are happy with their role, satisfied with their work and feel genuinely valued for their contribution to a service where they feel they belong.