Workforce sustainability, through innovation

Future Focus, Innovative Retention

We see it as a major opportunity, to be addressed through innovation.

Talent For Care - Tailored Retention

Future Focus, Innovative Retention

We see it as a major opportunity, to be addressed through innovation.

Tailored Retention

The return on investment from international recruitment is inevitably linked to the ability to motivate and retain the new team members from overseas.

Our Value Based Recruitment approach drives more successful hiring decisions. Then, new team members that are joining the workforce, especially from overseas, should be offered tailored support for integrating, settling-in and succeeding in their new role, at a time of great personal and professional change:

  • Developing a strong and supportive relationship with direct line manager(s)
  • Learning to navigate uncertainty (e.g. organisational changes, mergers) and managing stress and anxiety
  • Receiving regular transition support and coaching
  • Learning to support each other in a team environment

Enabling individuals to become more confident in their ability to communicate effectively often requires orientation, practice and skill-building in:

  • Self-awareness – recognising their own cultural stories, perceptions and meaning-making
  • Communication skills and handling difficult conversations
  • Personal resilience
  • Creating relatedness
  • The value of commitment and integrity
We have therefore developed an innovative approach, originally designed to improve retention of A+E nurses (mainly British, in a large hospital in the North East), to drive the retention of international new recruits, as well as existing teams:
  • Starts 4-8 weeks prior to commencement, after having tested key attributes at selection stage
  • Creates a community and starts to share values before landing
  • Offers on-going support for up to 12-18 weeks into the new role
  • Provides both individual and group support, with key involvement from line managers
  • Offers a balance of face to face and remote interaction through a variety of tools (e.g. Skype, Webinars)
  • Makes best use of on-line assignments (e.g. questionnaires, temperature checks, writing a journal)
  • Encourages learning about how to support each other as a team
  • Develops trust and a strong relationship with line managers and more established colleagues
  • Facilitate learning to successfully apply reflective practices (learning to pay attention, listening to ourselves, coming face to face with our assumptions, noticing patterns, changing what we see, changing the way we see)

The balance of face to face and remote interaction, with support from on-line tools, helps to maximise retention benefits, while allowing the roll-out to relatively large teams in a cost-effective way.

The key to recruiting and retaining international staff is the ability to relate and communicate effectively when individuals involved in the interaction do not share the same culture, ethnicity, language, or other salient variables.



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