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We were not prepared for the pandemic. It is time to prepare for recovery
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We were not prepared for the pandemic. It is time to prepare for recovery

Recovery Champions

More than 70% of care home managers in England – surveyed between May and June 2020 – reported that they had concerns about staff morale and their mental health and wellbeing.

The British Psychological Society points out that health+care workers are highly resilient people who are used to dealing with difficult and sometimes traumatic situations. But this current crisis has particular risk factors – including fear for staff’s own and their families’ health and the loss of informal support networks because of social distancing.

Through Covid-19, we have been running a free support and wellbeing forum for care workers and managers, with participants from 18 health and care organisations, nationwide. Everything we have heard points at the challenge ahead of us.

Amazing resilience has been displayed to withstand the crisis, but are we ready to support people to move forward positively into what remains an uncertain future, instead of potentially hitting a wall?

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Recovery Champions Brochure - Talent for Care

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We need to support our workforce, in an entirely new way

Recovery Champions is the most exciting new addition to our portfolio of market-leading support and development programmes for the health and care workforce, specifically developed for recovering from the exceptional pressure and anxiety of Covid-19.

 Based on cutting edge findings about human communication and relationships, it refers to neuroscience and research into stress and trauma recovery. Recovery Champions create a culture of possibility over predictability, a new and empowering context for themselves and others – a context of positive and sustainable recovery.

It is particularly innovative, not only because of the content, but specifically because of the delivery method, based on remote and highly effective communication technology.

It has been our priority to make the programme particularly cost-effective, to allow for large deployment and reach out to as many front-line workers, as possible.

Recovery Champions is a 9-week journey of recovery, resilience and possibility:

  • Any team leader, supervisor or frontline health and care worker can be a Recovery Champion
  • 9-week programme via Zoom, WhatsApp and closed Facebook groups
  • Our most experienced course leaders delivering 6 on-line sessions of 75/120 minutes
  • Cohorts of 10-30 participants
  • Minimum impact on work schedules and rotas
  • Practice partners – buddies – to share the journey

It was hard to be prepared for the pandemic, contact us now to prepare for Recovery

Recovery Champions schedule

Recovery Champions Brochure - Talent for Care

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Recovery Champions schedule
Recovery Champions Brochure 1
Recovery Champions Brochure 2
A survey of 1,257 physicians and nurses during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in China found that about 50% of respondents reported symptoms of depression, 44% reported symptoms of anxiety and 34% reported insomnia.
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Psychological Trauma Is the Next Crisis for Coronavirus Health Workers , June 2020

Every £1 put into scaled up treatment for common mental disorders, generates a return of £4 in improved health and productivity.
Mental health in the workplace

World Health Organisation, May 2019

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