Workforce Health and Wellbeing – a call to action

Feb 18, 2022

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A Resounding Call to Action

Thank you to everyone who attended the joint Talent for Care; Care England webinar and to our inspirational panellists who made it a tremendous success in terms of our aim and objectives:


Our aim is to keep the conversation moving on: while informed by the past, we want to focus on the future and its possibilities.


We set ourselves objectives which will contribute to a combined health and care service achieving its amazing potential:

·         Bring together authoritative, leading figures from across health and care

·         Emphasise the significance of integration as a driver for sustainability

·         Draw attention to the important relationship between workforce wellbeing and retention

·         Demonstrate our commitment to action and create a platform for others to do so

Each panellist offered many significant insights into the potential for improving the experiences of those who receive care by focusing on the needs of those who provide it. They brought the webinar to a clear and focused ending with a statement of intent for their own actions:

Knowledge, experience and positivity

Nicola Ranger, Chief Nurse and Executive Director Midwifery, King’s College Hospital

Nicola envisaged  NHS and Social Care working collaboratively. Her example was hospitals no longer recruiting staff from nursing homes.


Martin Green, Chief Executive, Care England

Martin spoke of the need to establish principles for measuring the success of an interventions in three key areas: the personal experience of those involved and affected; specific outcomes and efficient use of resources.


Deborah Sturdy, Chief Nurse, Adult Social Care, Department of Health and Social Care

Deborah reminded us to change the narrative for the social care workforce in specific areas such as recruitment, reward, and recognition.


We are grateful to all our speakers, and to everyone who contributed questions via social media, during program exchanges or to the conversation in the chat, which remained lively and relevant throughout. Together you created a conversation that will continue to resound in the coming weeks and months.

Thank you all.

The panellists: Martin Green, Nicola Ranger and Deborah Sturdy

Our panellists brought knowledge, experience and positivity to the event


If you missed the webinar, or would like to see it again, here’s the link:
Workforce Health and Wellbeing