workforce wellbeing

Nov 4, 2021

We would like to extend huge thanks to today’s guest panel at our very successful webinar ‘NO GOING BACK’

  • Prof Martin Green, Chief Exec Care England
  • Irene Gray, Non-exec Director and Coach with a vast Health and Care experience, including Chief Nurse in NHS Acute Trusts and Chief Exec of Care organisations
  • Raina Summerson, Chief Exec Agincare
  • Amanda Scott, Chief Exec Forest Healthcare

Talent for Care - Guest Panel

who joined Alessandro and over 90 people on our webinar this morning. The conversation focused on workforce wellbeing across health and care sectors. Of course there were, as always, more questions than answers:

  • What are we seeing, learning, and creating for workforce wellbeing through experience of the ongoing pandemic?
  • What have we learnt, in the last two years, that can help transform staff support and wellbeing for years to come?
  • What has been proven to make a difference to the stress, anxiety and exhaustion people are still working with?
  • How are the very real risks of burnout and post-traumatic stress being addressed?
  • Where are we in terms of professionalisation of the social care workforce (who are actual people with families friends and a real life to live)?
  • What can this conversation tell us about retention in Social Care and the NHS?
  • Have we thought through the correlation between provision for workforce wellbeing and recruitment?
  • And if so, what is being done about it?

We say there is NO GOING BACK
  • Where do we think we should going instead?
  • Looking ahead, two or three years from now, what will our nursing and care staff expect, in terms of support and wellbeing, from their employers?

of course it is impossible to ignore the questions that people are asking about the different funding levels for NHS and Social Care.

  • What could we be doing to address it?

and it is easy to talk about the challenges, what we may have learned, and what we think is needed, but it’s vital to talk about actions…

  • What can each of DO right now that could make a difference in the direction of the transformation we want to see?

We would like to thank everyone who supported us by joining the webinar this morning.  We will continue to pose, consider, and collect possible answers to your questions, and probably a lot more questions too. And will follow up the event very soon.

Meanwhile, stay safe and check that you are doing something positive for your own wellbeing.


today’s team: Sali Mustafic, Simon Daly, Alessandro Alagna, Mo Cohen and Massimo Giannuzzi